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Insurance Bad Faith/Extra Contractual

Leadership Signpost Showing Vision Values Empowerment and EncouragementWhite and Steele lawyers have successfully handled a wide variety of insurance bad faith cases.  Our experience and expertise equip us to deal with complex coverage, claim handling, and bad faith issues.  We regularly represent insurers in Colorado and Wyoming in a wide variety of first-party and third-party claims.  We have extensive experience litigating and trying cases involving high-exposure bad faith claims.  We have advised insurance companies in a number of high-profile cases, including the Columbine shooting case and the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

Our lawyers help insurance clients with both coverage and claim handling issues.  One of our shareholders, John Craver, is an active member in the Extra Contractual Committee of Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel.  Mr. Craver is generally recognized as an expert in this field.  He is frequently retained to provide expert defense, analysis, and testimony.

Our Lawyers Who Handle Cases in This Practice Area:

John Lebsack
John Craver
Dave Nowak

Nick Klann
Keith Olivera
Adam Goldstein
Andrew Scott
Jack Stokan
Anthony Lally
E. Catlynne Shadakofsky
Taylor Lietz